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Seasonal Sessions

These sessions are a quick and fun way to capture your everchanging family in a unique seasonal setting.



Sunflower sessions are one of my favorite sessions of the year. We have about 1 week out of the whole year to capture your family in these beautiful flowers.   


These sessions are great for single families, couples, children only, seniors, expecting mothers or baby's milestones.   


Due to the very short window of peak blooms, we will only be able to take on a very limited amount of session.

Session will be 15 minutes long.  I work in a quick but fun manner to capture the beauty and essence in each family.  We will get the traditional looking at camera smiling pose but also we will get natural fun engaging poses that capture each unique personality.


You will get to download your choice of 10 images out of a beautiful hand edited gallery with around 20-30 images.  

Sessions will be held during the last hour and half of day light for the most beautiful sunset lighting.

I can't wait to see your beautiful family in the sunflowers!!!!

Location: Elora, TN

The Rain Room


A literal rain room built in my barn to add a fun and unique style to your session! This room was built for my boudoir clients but I thought it would be cool to offer a few availabilities outside of boudoir.


Session will be approximately 20-30 minutes. You will get your choice of 5 digital images. I will allow only siblings to share a session. Background is typically a brick wall.

You will come in to the studio about a week after your session to view your images and pick the 5 digitals of your choice. You chosen images will be emailed to you.

Fun Session Ideas:

Dancers, couples, children with umbrella, sports (must bring your own equipment, I do have a football stadium background available)

This is not recommended for children alone under 5 due to safety concerns.

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